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National Theory Centre only works with experienced teachers and the best quality learning material.

Personal approach

Personal approach is what matters in our class. Something unclear?
We are here to help. Ask your question directly and we will explain it until you understand 100%.


We are up-to-date with the CBR exam questions. All theory that is handled in class will fully prepare you for the CBR theory exam.

One-Day Theory Course

Joining our one-day theory course with a full day of theory practice has never been so easy! You will learn everything you need to know for passing your CBR theory exam. Most students pass the first time after following our theory class.

During class, there will be room for personal attention and your questions.

Including study material:

If you enrol for our theory class  for only €99 you will get:

  • One-day Theory Course
  • 2 Weeks Access to
    • 50 Online Exams
    • 3250 Practising Questions
    •  All Online Zoom Course
  • Summary of the Theory Book
  • Guide: Passing your CBR exam
  • Mobile Apps
  • Chat support

We provide one-day car theory courses given by a professional teacher in English in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Eindhoven, Utrecht, Breda, Anhem or Zwolle.


Theory course in a classroom

Live Online Course

Prefer following your car theory courses (in parts) online? That is possible!

A full car theory course includes the following subjects:

  • Hazard perception
  • Traffic regulations
  • Traffic awareness

Following the course online via our LIVE Zoom meetings gives you the possibility of following a complete course in one day or choose for a complete course divided in three evenings  (ex. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday).

Upcoming Zoom courses

Monday 23 Mei at 19:00 Theory course part 3 of 3Enroll
Wednesday 25 Mei at 18:30 Theory course part 1 of 3Enroll
Thursday 26 Mei at 15:00 Theory course part 1 of 3Enroll
Thursday 26 Mei at 15:00 Theory course part 2 of 3Enroll
Friday 27 Mei at 09:30 Theory course part 1 of 3Enroll
Saturday 28 Mei at 10:00 Theory course part 1 of 3Enroll
Saturday 28 Mei at 10:00 Full theory course CarEnroll
Saturday 28 Mei at 13:00 Theory course part 2 of 3Enroll
Saturday 28 Mei at 15:30 Theory course part 3 of 3Enroll
Sunday 29 Mei at 10:00 Theory course part 1 of 3Enroll
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  • Avatar Precious Akodi ★★★★★ a week ago
    After several times of failure in my car theory exams, I joined National Theory Centre and I passed easily at my next attempt. I realized their focus is not on making money but helping people to pass their car theory exam. I highly recommend … More NTC to everyone
  • Avatar Hanifah Namatovu ★★★★★ 3 weeks ago
    This helpt me a lot to gain my theory exame test
    Thanks for your help ,i really appreciate👌
  • Avatar Selim Sametoğlu ★★★★★ 2 months ago
    I am quite happy with the "theory 1 day course" i received. Nienke is a great teacher. I am also happy with how they kept me updated via whatsapp. Other than this, I have already had quite some base knowledge, however it was great … More to fill in my few knowledge gaps and correct the things that i actually knew wrong. conclusion: A total recommendation before taking the exam.
  • Avatar Efrat Braun ★★★★★ 5 months ago
    In one word - AMAZING!!!
    This school supports the students on so many levels -
    I bought the one month package for 59 euro and received unlimited online lessons (which I constantly took advantage of), received unlimited usage of the online
    … More app with the questions. After each question there was a detailed answer and the best thing - each question in the app had a feedback option, so if the answer was not fully clear to me, I could react directly on the question (instead of writing a new email from scratch) and received very fast a very detailed answer.
    Moreover, every time I had a question on the administrative level (asking for the app code, asking something about the CBR etc.) I sent it through WhatsApp and received an answer within 1-2 minutes maximum, including weekend etc. Not sure how they manage to do that 😊
    I had a lot of questions (honestly, I don’t know how they did not go crazy by the amount of messages they received from me) and every single one of them was answered in a professional manner , very fast answer and very detailed.
    2 weeks and I passed today the theory!!
  • Avatar Ding ★★★★★ 3 months ago
    Amazing, special thanks to Jeroen, answering questions on WhatsApp 24/7😀. And very useful classes and practice exams ! Finally made it !!
  • Avatar Ender Kitty ★★★★★ 6 months ago
    I took the one-day live course with the National Theory Centre, and passed the first time! Very much money well-spent. I do have to say that a couple of weeks after the class I found myself losing some of the details, so I contacted them … More on WhatsApp and they set me up with a free refresher Zoom class right before my exam - a big help in reviewing the material. In any case, in both the live and Zoom class the teachers went through the LENS theory manual pretty carefully, and the course enrollment fee also included 10 hours of practice exams, which is critical for success. Do not skip this step, it is absolutely necessary to practice every day from your course to your exam. Otherwise you may forget some things, and the CBR test is very detailed.
  • Avatar Samantha Bruinsma ★★★★★ 6 months ago
    As an expat getting your license for a second time is not so fun and easy! But I highly recommend hiring Toer for tutoring lessons. He’s fun, nice and helps you remember the material in a way that you’ll actually remember (“don’t cut the … More snake” when referring to cutting a convoy) All these tips make you easily remember them in the exam room! After his tutoring, I finally passed my theory exam! Definitely recommend Toer!
  • Avatar Ozlem Nolet ★★★★★ 7 months ago
    Thanks a lot Nationaal Theoriecentrum, I succeed with my theory exam in one go after joining the course and accessing the tools provided. Recommend every expat and/or non-Dutch residents to get the support of National Theory Centrum to … More make this process smooth and successful.

7 Tips for your theory test

Tip 1: Don't underestimate the exam!

Most people underestimate the test. The theory test is tough. According to the figures of the CBR, the success rate of the theory test is 44%. So make sure you seriously prepare for the test.

Tip 2: Take enough time

Make sure you have plenty of time to learn the theory. Spread your learning work over a longer period of time and rather work in short blocks than, for example, a whole day. If you read too much information in a day you will lose more, than if you keep learning a bit. Your brain then has time to process the information.

Tip 3: Write your own summary

Our theory-package comes standard with a summary. This is ideal for quickly looking up information. However, creating your own summary is invaluable. By rewriting and simplifying material in your own words, your brain processes it in a different way. This way you remember it even better!

Tip 4: Repeat

Repeat, repeat, repeat. Every time you relearn something, it sticks better. For example, think of the favourite movie that you have already seen a few times. You probably already know exactly what the actors are going to say! Repetition works, so take advantage of it!

Tip 5: Practice in daily live

Look around you when you are walking or cycling in the street. What kind of signs do you see? Do you know the meaning of all these signs? Look at the intersections. Are they equivalent? Or not? And if not, what are the rules at those intersections. In principle, you will come across anything on the street. Linking theory to practice makes the theory stick.

Tip 6: Ask your instructor questions

Do you know that moment when you are in the car and hope that your instructor does not ask how fast you can drive on this road because you really have no idea? At such a time it is important that you ask your instructor questions. Your instructor is not there to punish you for what you cannot do, but to teach you new information and skills. An instructor must therefore find out what you already know and don’t know. By asking questions and indicating what you do not understand or know, it becomes much clearer to an instructor what you should work on. Ask your questions!

Tip 7: Take practise tests and learn from your mistakes

When you have practiced the theory enough, it is time to get started with practice tests. Here you can test whether you have actually mastered what you have learned. At the end of such an test you will get an overview of what went well and what did not go well. This provides insight into your weaknesses and strengths. This way you can focus your learning goals.

What awaits you during the CBR test

Good preparation does not only mean learning the traffic rules and regulations. Good preparation also means that you are on time, have eaten well and that you will not be faced with unexpected events.

Easily pass your theory test

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