The CBR theory exam

The CBR Theory exam consists of 65 questions. The questions are divided into 3 parts:

  • Hazard perception
  • Traffic regulations
  • Traffic awareness

Hazard perception: Recognizing danger and show that you can react in a adequate way. You have to choose if you will either: brake, take you’re foot of the gas pedal or do nothing. This part consists of 25 questions and you will have only 8 seconds per question. Out of the 25 you should at least have 13 correct answers!

Traffic regulations: In this part you must show that you know the facts and rules for the public road. It consists of 12 questions of which you must have 10 correct answers. You will have about 8 minutes of time for the complete part and you choose how much time you want to take per question.

Traffic awareness: here you have to show the CBR that you know the rules that apply to the use of the road, giving way, special maneuvers, traffic signs etc. You will get tested with 28 questions of which you should have 25 correct answers. For this part you get about 16 minutes in total, so you can divide the time over the questions.

If you take the regular test you will get 30 minutes of time in total. When you apply for extra time or an individual guided exam, you will have 45 minutes. The extra time will be divided between traffic regulations and traffic awareness. You will not get extra time for hazard perception.

Practice makes perfect. So test your skills with our online exams and make sure you are ready to rock the CBR exam!

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