The best Car Theory Book 2021?


There are many different publishing houses of theory books and many more packages on the market. But which one should you choose? In this article we answer the question: “What is the best car theory book of 2021?”.

Content article:

Do you want to know quickly what the answer is?

It’s the books of  Lens Media and your can buy them here. Read below why we think they have the best books for the theory test.

Why is the right theory book so important?

First of all, a few warnings. Your choice in purchasing a theory book is extremely important. If the theory book does not contain the complete theory, you will still learn something, but you will be in for a big surprise at your theory test. So:

  • The book must be complete.
  • The book must be up-to-date.
  • The book must adhere to the guidelines of the CBR and the legislation

Does the book not meet the above? Then there is a good chance that you will fail your theory test. After that you have to buy a new theory book and make a booking for a new theory test.
This will cost you time and a lot of money.

But there is more:

  • The book must explain the material clearly. You understand exactly what it says and do not get confused.
  • The book must be logically arranged. For example, start with defining and only then explain.
  • The book makes simple repetition of the material possible. Because by repetition you remember the theory better. For example with a summary, overviews or online support.

So don’t just buy any theory book!


Our theory teachers keep a close eye on all developments. At the moment we think the Car Theory Book 2021 from Lens Media is the best car theory book available. Perhaps the most important reason is the simple writing style. Lens Media’s theory books are simply written, which makes learning easier. The sentences are short and clear, making the content easy to read. The books are also regularly updated (once every 3 months). It has clearly been worked on with passion and attention.

Do you still want to make a different choice

Would you like to purchase another theory book? We advise you not to just buy something; not through special deals (Groupon, etc.,) because they may be outdated and incomplete, and not from any arbitrary publisher.

The CBR lists the following four publishers on this page:

  1. Lens Media
  2. VekaBest Verkeersleermiddelen
  3. Verjo
  4. Smit Rijschoolservice

Our experience is that these four do indeed stand for quality.
So always buy from one of these publishers and you’re in the right place!

Use a theory book to learn your theory test. You can buy a theory book at an (online) bookstore, from your trainer or from publishers of traffic learning resources. Sometimes you can also borrow these from the library. Well-known publishers include: Lens Traffic Learning Resources, VekaBest Traffic Learning Resources, Verjo, Smit Rijschoolservice. When purchasing a theory book, make sure it is a recent book. Traffic rules can change. 

Source: CBR 

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