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Our Course Offerings

Complete courses

Step by step in class

Whether you want a course in 1 day or want to spread the theory course over 3 days, we offer both.
High quality, 100% success guarantee and always live.

Courses by subject

Learn what you need to know

Do you know most of the theory, but you need explanation about a specific subject? For example because you failed the exam? Then follow a course per subject.

Complete self-education

Study and repeat

Do you study best on your own? Then make sure you use the highest quality theory books.
But what is the best theory book? We have the answer for you.

Why you choose  us

Theory course in 1 day


Highest quality

Experienced teachers and the best quality teaching material


Personal approach

Something unclear? No problem! Ask your question directly. We will explain it until you understand it for the full 100%.



We know exactly what is and is not required in the exam. Our education is complete and nothing is superfluous!


100% success guaranteed

You will succeed! With us you receive a 100% success guarantee.


Added value

Why an online course?

Learn what you need to know

Our teachers know exactly which parts are popular during the exam and which parts are experienced as difficult. Make use of this knowledge!

From your own home

No need to take a bicycle, train or bus for a lesson. Just join us while you sit behind your own kitchen table. How relaxing is that! This is possible with our online live courses.

Lesson possible in the evening

We do not only have a day course on Sunday, but also a 3-day course divided over the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evening.

Your questions directly answered

Because all our courses are live and you are in direct contact with the teacher, it is possible to ask questions directly. And you will get the answer right away!

Exam focused

We know exactly what is and what is not asked in the exam. Our teaching material is complete and nothing is superfluous!

100% success guarantee

If you fail your exam, you can book another course for free. Just as long until you pass!

The highest achievable quality

Skilled theory teachers, with 15 years of experience and using the best teaching materials.

Personal approach

Something unclear? No problem! Ask your question directly. We’ll explain it until you get it 100%.


Frequently Asked

When will I receive the zoom link?

You will receive confirmation of your registration for the course within 24 hours. One hour before the meeting you will receive the zoom link with which you can log in for the online theory course.

Do you also give private courses?

Yes, this is possible. We request that you contact us for the possibilities. Do this by clicking the ‘Ask your question’ button.

Do you also give courses in a classroom?

Due to the corona measures, it is currently not allowed to give courses in a classroom. Do you have any other questions? Then click on the ‘Ask your question’ button.

What is the best theory book?

At our courses we work with the books from If you want to self-educate without a course, we advise you to purchase these books. Up-to-date, complete and easy to read with pictures.

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